BVI - Painted Walls

Dive - Reef Shark, Painted Walls, BVI

This dive takes you around a headland and into three gulleys.  The largest gulley has an arch that leads into a shallow enclosed lagoon.

The dive gets it's name from the very colourful sponges on the underside of the arch.

This dive can only be done in very settled conditions.

LOCATION:                 Salt Island, BVI
GPS:                             18°22.292N 064°30.817W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    25 metres

There's a single yellow commercial mooring at the dive site 20 metres to the west of the outer most rocks on the south point of Deadman's Chest. We anchored our yacht in Deadman's Bay and then tied our dinghy onto the yellow mooring.


From the bottom of the yellow mooring at 10 metres, head 100°M, rising over some ridges for 20 metres until you come small gulley around 5 metres depth. Follow the gulley to the right and head south.


Keep the headland on your left and follow the reef around. You will pass a small gulley, then a larger one and then go into the third gullley.


It's very atmospehric with large stones on the sea bed. You will find a narrow cave straight ahead. The canyon turns right under an arch which is encrusted with very colourful sponges - this is where the dive gets it's name. Go through the arch and you will enter a shallow lagoon.


After spending some time exploring this area, return back towards the mooring and explore the other two gulleys before returning to your dinghy.


Very nice dive, but it would be impossible if there is a heavy swell running. Keep an eye out to the open sea as this dive is in an exposed place and you may spot big pelagic fish - we saw a reef shark here. There are also quite a few Lionfish.