BVI - The Marie L

Dive - The Marie L, BVI

This site has four wrecks - the Marie L, a cargo boat intentionally sunk in the early 1990s, the Pat, a tugboat sunk a few years later that now lies up against the Marie L, the Beata (sunk in 2001) and the Island Seal (sunk in 2009).

Cracking dive. We encountered a huge Barracuda that was lurking inside the wreck

LOCATION:                 Cooper Island, BVI
GPS:                             18°22.292N 064°30.817W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    25 metres

Anchor your yacht in Haulover Bay on the south-west side of Cooper Island, which is a lovely anchorage. Take the dinghy and head south west for a quarter of a mile and you will come across two yellow commercial moorings above the dive site. Both are tied to wrecks.

Descend the line and enjoy poking around the wrecks in the fantastic clear water. There's lots of fish - as a diversion look for the large colony of garden eels around the wrecks and the stingrays that frequent the area.  If you get bored then you can head ENE to Chromis Reef, which is about 30 metres away.