BVI - Mountain Point

Nurse Shark

This dive takes you through a gulley in the headland to the north side.  

It's a very interesting dive and has challenging navigation.  The reef on the north side is good. 

We spotted a nurse shark lurking in a small cave.

LOCATION:                 North-west Virgin Gorda 
GPS:                             12°52.276N 63°53.292W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    25 metres

There are two red, general-use moorings 200 metres from the dive site - one in the middle of the cliff and one at the entrance to Long Bay. There is a single yellow commercial mooring above the dive site.  We picked up a red mooring with our yacht and then tied our dinghy onto the yellow mooring.

From the yellow mooring, head 045°M until you come to a gully running parallel to the headland. Turn right and explore the small caves where we spotted a nurse shark.  When you cross a sandy area, you will see a large gulley to your left crossing through the headland.  Follow this gully heading north, ascending to 3 metres and then dropping down a hole and under an arch.  The gulley soon turns left and brings you out onto the reef on the other side of the headland at a depth of 6 metres. 

Head 045°M for about 25 metres and the reef will then drop down on a very nice sloping reef.  Maximum depth is around 25 metres.  Turn right and continue until you have half a tank plus a healthy reserve, then ascend to 8-10 metres and retrace your route.

Very interesting dive in calm conditions - it would be very difficult to get through the gulley if there is a large swell.  If the swell is up consider doing a dive from the middle red, general purpose mooring or nipping across to the Dog Islands.