BVI - Bronco Billy


This dive takes you through an arch that takes you around the headland to the north side, where there are canyons creating an amphitheatre effect with soft and pillar corals in the centre. 

It's a very interesting dive and has challenging navigation (we got lost on the way back...)  

Under the arch is very colourful with soft corals, sponges and shoaling snappers.

LOCATION:                 North-west Virgin Gorda 
GPS:                             12°52.276N 63°53.292W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    25 metres

There's a single red, general-use mooring 100 metres from the dive site tucked up in the bay.  You can anchor to the right of the mooring if it is taken. There is a single yellow commercial mooring above the dive site.  We picked up the red mooring with our yacht and then tied our dinghy onto the yellow mooring.

From the yellow mooring, head north rising over some ridges for 25 metres until you come to a large arch at around 8 metres depth.  Follow the gulley at the other side of the arch and you will see a large canyon on your right with large tennis ball sized pebbles.  Explore this and exit using a small gulley on your right as you come out.  This will lead to an area with very large boulders were you can further explore.

Then head 270°M across a sandy reef to some undercut ledges and then head south to find another narrow canyon going through a small arch. After which you can return to the mooring on a heading of south-east.

Well that's what the guide book said.  I think I got lost.  I found the undercut ledges, but there didn't seem to be a way out by heading south, so I went back past the undercut ledges, and leaving them to my left, went around them. We then found a very narrow canyon on the other side.  This narrowed to about three feet wide (a squeeze) and popped out onto the other side.  We then headed back to the first arch and then back to the mooring.

Very nice dive, but would be difficult if there was a surge in the gulleys.