BVI - Alice in Wonderland

Dive - Alice's Wonderland, BVI

This dive is on the south west coast of Ginger Island and should only be attempted in settled conditions.  Ridges of coral and sand slope up towards the island to a minimum depth of about 35 ft. Numerous large mushroom shaped coral heads give the site its name and provide shelter for reef fish, lobster and spotted morays.

It's a very nice dive. We spotted a couple of big spiny lobster, one of which was wandering across the reef, which is unusual in daylight.

LOCATION:                 South-west Ginger Island 
GPS:                             12°52.276N 63°53.292W
MAXIMUM DEPTH:    25 metres

There's a single red, general-use mooring 200 metres away from the dive site, next to the sandy beach in the bay. There are two yellow commercial moorings above the dive site.  We picked up the eastern most yellow mooring with our dinghy.

The route is circular. Descend the mooring line to a depth of 20 metres and head east swimming across a series of coral ridges with sandy patches between them.  The coral is good and there are interesting things to look at as you explore the ridges and ledges.  When you have half a tank plus reserve remaining, turn north and head up to 12-15 metres before turning west to follow more ridges.  There are supposed to be huge brain corals around this area, but we didn't come across them.  

When you think that you are level with the mooring again, head south and ascend the mooring line.