Enjoying Rodrigues

12 June 2017   Port Mathurin, Rodrigues
It was another squally night.  Unless you’ve lived on a boat, it’s difficult to appreciate how unsettling it can be to spend a night at anchor in strong winds.  We have great confidence in our anchor, but there’s still the nagging feeling that it might drag and we’d be on the reef before we could blink.  Other concerns are that our neighbours might drag onto us and that the bimini might shred in the heavy gusts. 

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Winter Weather

5 June 2017   Port Mathurin, Rodrigues
It was my 61st birthday and we’d planned to hire a motorbike for the day.  Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas - it was so miserable in the morning that we abandoned our plans and hunkered down on-board.  It's winter here in the southern hemisphere, with only three weeks to go to the shortest day of the year. We're only at 20°S, which is equivalent to North-west Africa, but we don't have the protection of the Gulf Stream here.  The winds from the highs that are passing to the south of us are bringing up the cold southern winds.  It's only a bit chilly, but a real shock to us.

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Settling into Rodrigues

31 May 2017   Port Mathurin, Rodrigues
The big cargo ship left at midday.  The main anchorage for yachts is a small dredged area just off the commercial dock, which is intended for ships to turn when approaching and leaving the dock.  Consequently, we had to get out of the anchorage this morning and anchor outside the entrance channel in the large, more open Outer Bay.  We anchored at 19°40.08S 063°25.85E in 15 metres of water on good holding sand.  There was a little bit of swell getting over the reef, but we didn’t roll too much.

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Passage to Rodrigues

22 May 2017   Chagos to Rodrigues (Day 1)
It rained a little last night, but we woke to good weather, with a thin layer of cloud and a 10-15 knot South-east wind.  With an eight day passage ahead of us, we didn’t bother to set the alarm, but we were still up at 07:00 and pulled up the anchor an hour later. Despite rather poor light, we safely negotiated the various reefs in the atoll and crossed the fringing reef without any problems. 

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Another Week In Paradise

15 May 2017   Ile Fouquet, Chagos
It was another windy, overcast day, so I disappeared under the boat cleaning the hull.  Eric from “Hokulea” suggested that it was easier to knock off the barnacles and then wait a few days before scraping off the white calcium pads - he thinks that they soften up and then scrape off easier.  It still took me over an hour to scrub off the slime and knock off the barnacles.  We have a large group of squid living under the boat, who were very interested in me.

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