Still Working in Trinidad

15 October 2018   Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Jonas, the rigger turned up just after 08:00 as promised.  When he inspected the rig back in June, he’d spotted three toggles that were the incorrect size and needed to be changed.   They were in critical places at the top of the Back Stay; the top of the Fore Stay; and the bottom of the Inner Fore Stay.   

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Hard Graft in Trinidad

8 October 2018   Chaguaramas, Trinidad
We went for a walk over to Power Boats to do some errands and try to get a berth on Dock C, but there’s no room.  The other docks in Power Boats are all exposed to the South, from where occasionally large, dangerous swells roll in.  Last month they had a cracker and the dock in front of Power Boats’ shop and restaurant was trashed.  We’re better off in Coral Cove.

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Return to Trinidad

4 October 2018   Chaguaramus, Trinidad
Our son Brett dropped us off at Gatwick very early on a misty morning.  We checked in and walked onto the plane on time, but as soon as they had us seated, they announced that there were some delays because of the fog and that they would keep us informed.  I hate being trapped like that.  We had a frustrating two hour wait until the fog cleared enough to allow normal airport operations.

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Three Months in the UK

The first thing that we did in the UK was to buy a car because we felt that it would be a lot cheaper than hiring one for three months.  By the end of day 2, we were the proud owners of a ten year old Peugeot 207 Estate car.  (I’m a bit of a BMW man, but I was impressed by the spec of this car which only cost £3,200 - air con, cruise control, automatic headlights, automatic windscreen wipers, etc .) 

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Haulout in Trinidad

2 July 2018   Chaguaramus, Trinidad
It was a long wait until 11:00, when we were instructed to head for the haul-out bay at Peakes.  They have a huge 200 tonne lift, so it’s a simple matter of motoring in to the dock with no messing about having to remove the forestay.  The process is very efficient.  They pressure washed us in the slings and the boat was then transferred onto a long truck with hydraulic arms.  The truck then squeezed us into a small gap between two other yachts.  About an hour later, another boat “Larus” was squeezed in front of us effectively blocking us in between three boats.    It’s very quick and efficient on space to use the truck.

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