French Guyana

2 April 2018   Brazil to French Guyana (Day 10)
Dawn brought us a miserable day with low clouds scudding across the sky.  We’d made good progress overnight and in 24 hours we’d covered 190 miles, which is an average of 7.9 knots - maybe our fastest 24 hours ever.  Just before breakfast, a large squall came through with rain for ½ hour and then it sucked the wind away, forcing us to run the engine for ½ hour.

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Sailing To French Guyana

24 March 2018   Brazil to French Guyana (Day 1)
The alarm went off at 06:45.  It’s strange how the sound of an alarm clock makes you want to stay in bed, but time and tide wait for no man and we wanted to leave a hour before high tide.  It took us a couple of hours to get the dinghy on deck and tidy up after two weeks at anchor, but at 09:00, we started to pull up the anchor. The anchor chain was covered in thick, slimy growth, so it took 10 minutes to try to wash off the worst of it.

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Leaving Brazil

19 March 2018   Jacaré, Brazil
After an early-ish breakfast, we caught a bus from Olinda to Recife city centre, where we walked to Marco Zero Square, which is supposed to be one of the “must-visit” places in Recife.  We were disappointed - it’s a big square with lots of tourist guides touting for business and a large sanitised tourist souvenir shop, so we didn’t stay long.  Instead we walked to the Mercado de Sao José, which was a bustling local market and interesting to stroll around.

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12 March 2018   Jacaré, Brazil
Last night, when I printed out the “Entrada” form for the customs, I discovered that I’d spelt my name wrong, so I was up at 06:00 to go into marina to use internet and fill in the form for the 5th time.  After going back to the boat to print out the form, we took a taxi to Immigration with Peter and Theresa from “Leyna”.  I was relieved to find out that, contrary to what is said on Noonsite, you don’t have to wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts with collars to visit the officials.

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