Working in Chatham

7 May 2018    Saline Bay, Mayreau
I spent the morning finishing off some more jobs in the bilge.  The automatic bilge pump has a pneumatic switch that has never worked properly, so I ripped it out and need to get a metal bracket made to fit a more modern rocker-type bilge switch, which I’ve already bought.  

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30 April 2018   Bequia, St Vincent
Bequia is a nice place, but it’s very crowded and the anchorage has been rolly for the last two nights, so we’ve decided to head off tomorrow.  We popped into town to buy some provisions - a case of beer, two loaves of bread, veggies, etc.  Port Elizabeth is an expensive place to buy anything because it all has to come over from St Vincent by ferry, so we only bought enough to last a couple of weeks.

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South to Bequia

23 April 2018   Rodney Bay, St Lucia
It’s great to have a hardware store and a chandlery so close to us.  We bought spare parts for the toilets, varnish and bilge paint.   We’re dumping old spare parts and junk out of our cupboards and filling them up with materials for the various projects to be done over the next two months. 

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Chilling in St Lucia

16 April 2018   Rodney Bay, St Lucia
We had a bit of a lie in, but there’s no peace for the wicked because we had to go to clear in.  I dropped the dinghy in the water and attached the outboard, making sure that outboard lock was in place and we had a stainless steel chain to lock the dinghy to any dock - Rodney Bay has a bad reputation for dinghy theft.

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