Christmas and Weather

24 December 2017   East London, South Africa
Most of the Cruisers here are European - French, German and Dutch.  In Britain, we open our presents on Christmas Day morning, but Christmas Eve is the big day for most Europeans, so a party has been organised for the evening, with tomorrow being a family day. 

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Durban and East London

18 December 2017   Durban, South Africa
As it was Monday, we went to the marina office and checked in properly with the office staff.  We chatted to a few other cruisers who are also waiting for the next weather window on the 20th and they haven’t done much in Durban either. It started to rain during the morning, so we couldn’t even be bothered to go to the cinema.

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Waiting for Weather

11 December 2017  Richards Bay, South Africa
With no hope of departing for the next four days, we decided to renew the hire car.  They refused to do it over the phone, so we drove to the airport.  We had to pay a more expensive “local” rate, but it was still only £15 per day.  On the way back, we ran a few errands at the Boardwalk Shopping Mall. It's a nice time of year to drive around South Africa because the flame-red Flambouyant Trees are blooming alongside the roads.

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Getting Ready to Leave

4 December 2017  Richards Bay, South Africa
The weather looks good for us to leave Richards Bay on Thursday 7th.  The south-west winds should weaken overnight, but Tues/Wed will be raining and unsettled with thunderstorms (yuk), whereas Thursday looks like pleasant weather.  It’s 340 miles to East London, but with the 2-3 knots of current from Durban onward, we should be there on Saturday midday, at least 24 hours before the next southerly rolls through.

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Back to Work

27 November 2017  Richards Bay, South Africa
I had an unsettled night worrying about the cutlass bearing.  If they’ve damaged the threads beyond repair then the job will turn into a long nightmare.  I was up at 05:00 because I couldn’t sleep and spent two hours editing my photographs to take my mind off the damn cutlass bearing.

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