Dorothy's Meat and Potato Pie

Lovely Meal

Dorothy is my mother-in-law. Having had 6 children, she knew all about catering for large numbers of people. So when she and her husband took up the running of a pub in Lancashire, she already had some firm favourite recipes to attract customers to stay for more than just a casual drink.

I persuaded Dorothy to write down her recipe for Meat and Potato Pie many years ago after she cooked it for my family while visiting us out in the Virgin Islands. Here it is without any alterations on my part.

Serves 4


Preparation Time:  30 Minutes
Cooking Time: 3 Hours in the oven

 1 lb stewing steak, minced or cut small  Suet Pastry
 2 onions, chopped  Garlic
 1 lb potatoes  Paprika


Cut potatoes into chunks and place in a shallow casserole (8in x 3in). bring meat and onions to boil in a pan with plenty of water. Thicken slightly with Bisto. Pour over potatoes. Season with salt and pepper (garlic and herbs if desired) and a little paprika.

Place in hot oven, when boiling turn to low, cover and cook for 2-3 hours, keeping very moist. 1/2 hour before serving, top with suet pastry, allowing pastry to rest on potatoes. Pierce several times with point of knife. brush with milk and bake in hot oven until brown.

Serve with red cabbage and Mushy Peas.