June 1993 - Mahon to Cagliari

1 June 1993 Mahon, Menorca
We went over to the quayside and filled up with water. Dave and Sue Marks are over here for a week’s holiday, so I went to find the villa that they are staying in. They dropped me back at the boat and we had a beer.

We all went to Dave’s villa for a swimming and barbeque party. The boys had a great time playing with Christopher, Steven, Jonathan and Hanna - we got very drunk with Dave, Sue, Clive and Shirley.

2 June 1993 Mahon
Nursing our hangovers! Dave + 7 people arrived and we all went for a sail to Cala Punta Prima. We had lunch, snorkelled and visited Ile De Aire in the dinghy (which was very brave with our dodgy outboard). There are loads of unique black lizards everywhere. We motored back to the harbour entrance and then sailed right into the centre of the port – went alongside at the quayside (£5/night). It was a really nice day, but total chaos with 6 adults and 6 children on board!

3 June 1993 Mahon
I installed the new ignition switch and Adverc controller. It all seems to work OK, but the ammeter oscillates between 0 and 30A very quickly. We went out to a buoy to escape paying for another night. We went out for a meal with Dave + 7, got a bit drunk and had a nice time.

4 June 1993 Mahon
We went into town to look around (it’s not very interesting). We moved the boat to a mooring nearer to town, which is free!

5 June 1993 Mahon
I went on a diving course in morning at S’Algar. We had my birthday party in the afternoon complete with cake and candles. Neville and Margaret came to dinner in the evening.

6 June 1993 Mahon
I went on diving course all day, Neville and Margaret had lunch with Glenys and the boys, then we all went to “Bonnie Day” for dinner.

7 June 1993 Mahon
I did two dives today and bought a set of diving gear for £300. Glenys and boys came to S’Algar to play in pool.

8 June 1993 Mahon
I did the novice diver test and passed it. We visited the Gin factory - there are some very exotic flavours of Gin that look and taste revolting. We got drunk with Nev and Margaret again.

9 June 1993 Mahon
We tidied up and I found somewhere to stow my diving gear. I found a small pedal car floating in the harbour and fished it out. Brett repaired it and they had fun playing with it. It was very hard to get them to throw it away afterwards!

10 June 1993 Mahon to Arenal D’en Castell
We spent about 1½ hrs messing about getting fuel and then water. We got the water from a small island pontoon (8 ft long) in front of Club Maritimo. I had to put 50 pence in a machine to get 50 litres of water. It was a really dodgy approach and departure from the pontoon with strong cross winds.

I’m glad to leave Mahon after 9 days even though it is the prettiest harbour we have stayed in. We motored and sailed to Cala Tamarells west of Ilas Colom. I went snorkelling with the boys in a small rocky bay. It was a really nice downwind sail with jib and mizzen to Arenal D’en Castell, which is a lovely, almost circular bay with a large sandy beach spoiled by apartments and hotels.