September 1994 - Trinidad - Page 2

11 September 1994 Chaguaramus
I had another lethargic day. I stayed in bed until half past eleven finishing off a good book. I took Craig out exploring some caves around the corner. We went for a snorkel – visibility 10 ft, Yuk! Glenys worked like a Trojan on the new spray hood, while I messed about.

12 September 1994 Chaguaramus
I spent the day running around buying a pulley and key steel and other hardware. Glenys spent the day working on the spray hood. We went to the bar for dinner and ended up discussing the meaning of life. We are considering selling the house and going through Panama. I reckon that we can live for another 3 or 4 years on the money we’ve got – very tempting!

13 September 1994 Chaguaramus
I put the spray hood frame together and got the engine bracket made for the compressor. The compressor runs and I filled a 10 litre tank in 20 minutes which I am pleased about. Glenys took the boys to a toy shop – they spent their savings on a vast array of plastic swords, knives, bows, guns and ninja weapons!

I talked to Geoff on “Friendship II” which is a yellow catamaran which he uses for day charters from PSV. He reckons that the diving scene in the Tobago Cays is all tied up and they would strongly defend their territory!

14 September 1994 Chaguaramus
I repaired the clamp on the forestay roller reefing with JB Weld – it hasn’t worked very well. I think the epoxy has gone off as it’s a bit soft. I’ll probably have to do it again the future. I spent loads of time trying to get the fridge working, but it keep blowing fuses. All my tests point to a fault in the controller.

“Marina Em” arrived – it sounds like Tony has decimated the lobster population in Grenada! Glenys has nearly finished the spray hood and we gave it the first fitting – I’m going to have to adjust the frame because the new fittings have made it a bit bigger. The boys continue to run wild.

15 September 1994 Chaguaramus
I finished off the forestay and then spent 2 hours trying to figure out the cause of the fault on the fridge. The compressor coil resistance was fine but when the controller was connected to the compressor it blew the fuse. I eventually decided that the output power MOSFET for one of the compressor coils had gone. I went over to see Tony on “Marina Em” on the off chance that he had a spare “IRF540” - to my amazement he did! I replaced the component and the fridge works. I’m rather pleased with myself.

Glenys pottered around making blank flags and making some letters to put the name “Glencora” on the mizzen cover. Glenys has had some interest in her paint-your-own-flag idea and has ordered 20 sets of fabric paint from a place in Port of Spain. I measured the running speeds of the compressor – engine 3400 rpm and compressor 2130 rpm which is just about right. We had dinner and lots of beer at the bar.

16 September 1994 Chaguaramus
A bit of a hangover and a very bad swell made me evacuate the boat in the morning. I finished the bracket for the compressor and painted it. I fitted two new decking planks to the cockpit hatch and then started to scrape out the old caulking to leave grooves for recaulking the whole panel. What a time consuming job. Glenys did a mega shop and I bought teak corner pieces for the new box on the aft deck which will hold the compressor.

17 September 1994 Chaguaramus
Craig’s 5th birthday party. We had a really nice day with about 14 children and a gaggle of parents. The kids entertained themselves and the parents drank beer. Dave from “Rubiyat” did a few magic tricks with silks, a thumb and a changing bag. After the party Brett, Craig, Ian and Jason caught some fantailed guppies from the stream running through the boatyard. We now have an improvised fish tank full of guppies, which is hanging from the boom in the cockpit. It’s a huge mayonnaise jar - I’ve banged my head on it twice already - it doesn’t half hurt.

18 September 1994 Chaguaramus
The fridge stopped working again. The same output mosfet again. I had to go over to “Marina Em” and borrow another component – I’d only just given him one back and hadn’t had a chance to buy a spare! I cleaned the contacts on the compressor socket and recleaned all the others – I hope that that is it now! I finished scraping out the caulking on the hatch cover in the cockpit. I started to pull the box on the aft deck to bits – fortunately, I think that I’ll be able to rebuild it without removing the base. Glenys finished the spray hood which looks good.

19 September 1994 Chaguaramus
Glenys went to the zoo with Dee and Marina. I caulked the cockpit panel and bought wood for the box on the aft deck. I discovered that the fridge had stopped working again so I sent a fax to Penguin Engineering in England. We went to the bar and I drowned my sorrows!

20 September 1994 Chaguaramus
Hangover again. I spent the day building the box. Glenys worked on the new upholstery for the front cabin.