September 1994 - Trinidad - Page 3

21 September 1994 Chaguaramus
Glenys started the Calvert third grade course with Brett. I spent most of the day building the box. We went out with a group to a restaurant which does “as much shrimp as you can eat” for 40TT (£4.40). It was very well presented and tasted wonderful. We had a very nice night out for £20 including drinks and taxi.

22 September 1994 Chaguaramus
I went into town to get some electronic bits for the fridge. I finally managed to get a 12V adapter for Craig’s game gear which has been eating batteries. I got a good deal on a new Microsoft mouse for £25. When I got back to the boat, I was frustrated that the display on the computer wouldn’t work, so I took it to pieces. I found that there is a very delicate IDC ribbon cable which has a couple of dodgy connections. I ended up drilling two holes in the top of the case so that I can push a screwdriver in and wiggle the cable. What an animal, but it works! Glenys did school work and finished the upholstery for the front cabin.

23 September 1994 Chaguaramus
Rained most of the day. I rewired the circuit for the fridge controller and it appears to work OK. Glenys did schoolwork and we stayed in all day. We ran out of water and decided to fill up with jerry cans because we don’t want to go to the trouble of finding a place to re-anchor! The boats in the anchorage swirl around a lot and we’ve got a place where we are established.

24 September 1994 Chaguaramus
Raining again. I did a cash flow and a bit of admin in the morning and played with the computer in the afternoon. Glenys visited Linda and kids on “Destiny” at TTYA. We all went to a jazz jam session in the evening at Powerboats Bar. The fridge controller blew up AGAIN!

25 September 1994 Chaguaramus
Raining all day, rolling and hangover. I spent the morning looking at the plan and timing for going through Panama. I lounged about feeling sorry for myself in the afternoon. Glenys and the boys went to Jessica’s birthday party on “Rubiayat”.

26 September 1994 Chaguaramus
The same MOSFET has blown up on the fridge. I sent another fax to Penguin Engineering. I worked on the box all day while Glenys dug out the rusty ballast out of the bottom of the aft wardrobe - it’s expanding and splitting the woodwork. I rang my mum and dad – they still haven’t booked anything to come out and see us.

The boys spent most of the afternoon ashore with Ian from “Lilymaid”. When they were at Peake’s dinghy dock they saw a man struggling in the water. Moments later the man disappeared under! They called for help. I arrived about two hours later just as police frogmen went in the water to search. A couple of minutes later, they dragged out the body. The boys were fascinated and I had to drag them away. We told Brett and Craig that they were heroes for calling for help. They don’t seem to be too concerned about the event.

27 September 1994 Chaguaramus
I finished the box and fitted the compressor. Glenys went to West Mall shopping. We put 40 litres of fuel in the tank from two old containers.

28 September 1994 Chaguaramus
We’ve decided to clear out and go to Tobago on Friday (30th). We spent the day tidying up and doing last minute jobs. We went to “Tekaroa” for a “Wok and Roll”, then onto another children’s birthday party in the afternoon. I filled 1 scuba tank which took 20 minutes.

29 September 1994 Chaguaramus
Hangover. I checked the sails and made the spray hood frame a bit shorter because the main boom hits it when it’s fully sheeted in. Glenys went into town to buy materials to re-upholster the back cabin. There’s a cholera alert in Trinidad – I hope that the water we are drinking is OK.

30 September 1994 Chaguaramus to Scotland Bay
I went to Port of Spain to clear out. I then called in at TTYC and bought 8 metres of blue sunbrella canvas to extend the awning. We said goodbye to “Tekaroa” and waited to get fuel. It was total chaos as boats queued. We ended up rafted next to “Seahorse” and finally got away at about 3 o’clock.

We motored out of the harbour and anchored in Scotland Bay which is very nice. We opened a small bottle of champagne to celebrate our escape from Chaguaramus. I put some water purification powder in the water tanks to get rid of the bad taste and protect us against cholera.