February 1995 - Anguilla to BVI - Page 3

21 February 1995 Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
School work in the morning. I did school work with Brett again – it’s like teaching a sloth to run! After a slow start ,we managed to get through the schoolwork in 3 hours today. In the afternoon, Glenys and I went and did a dive off the north headland.

22 February 1995 Cane Garden Bay to Green Cay, Jost Van Dyke
We motored around to Sopers Hole and cleared out of customs. We filled up with water and then motored over to Cruz Bay, St. Johns in the US Virgin Islands.

I went in to clear in and was told that I had to “present” everyone. I went and got Glenys and the boys. The old bag of an immigration officer then rudely told us that Glenys’ visa wasn’t valid for the children - they couldn’t enter the US Virgin Islands. We pointed out that it was accepted last year, but she said that it would not be accepted now. We could pay for a waiver at $95 US each to get them temporary visas.

While we were considering this, the big, fat “trunchball” then decided that she would be cancelling both Glenys’ and my visa because the U.S.A. has introduced new visas with photographs and the old type of visas were only valid for one entry to the U.S.A. At this I said that if she gives us our passports back we would just leave the country. She said that was impossible because we had to enter and then clear out. If we didn’t do that then she would fine me $3,000 for not reporting to the correct authorities.

In the end, I had to clear in, she then gave us a deportation order for the boys, cancelled our visas and cleared us out. What a load of crap! I was incensed because of her rudeness and frustrated about the ridiculous bureaucracy that stopped us entering the US Virgin Islands.

We retreated to Jost Van Dyke and found out that we have to go back to the BVI Customs tomorrow to clear immigration as their immigration officer was ill. What a day! We went around to Green Cay and got on with some serious drinking.

23 February 1995 Green Cay to Road Town, Tortola
We went around to Great Harbour and cleared in through immigration. We then motored to Road Town and anchored in Bauger Bay which is the most protected bit of the bay. Unfortunately, it’s about a mile from the shops. We dinghied over to the marina and saw “Meander”. We went on board to catch up with what Bob and Jean had been doing.

We then did a bit of shopping. We called in on “Naia” and had a beer with John and Chris. Chris has had a big argument with their owners and has quit. John is going to deliver “Naia” to Florida and meet Chris in St Martin. We agreed to take some luggage and 6 bottles of gin up to St Martin to save Chris having to lug them all on the plane. She’ll be staying on a boat called “Willow”.

We re-anchored Glencora outside the marina and went out with “Meander” and “Naia” for happy hour. Suitably happy, John and Chris, came with us for a meal which was very good and great fun. We’ve decided that we don’t need to go to US Virgin Islands because we can get most things from St Martin. We will probably spend a week in the BVI and then go back to St Martin where we’ll spend 2 or 3 weeks working on the boat.

24 February 1995 Road Town to The Bight, Norman Island
Nursing a hangover today. I went and bought a load of charts of Venezuela and Belize from “Meander” for $30. Some are photocopies and interestingly, the ones from Belize came from “Adagio” originally. We did a big shop and then motored over to The Bight where we collapsed.

25 February 1995 The Bight, Norman Island
School work in the morning. In the afternoon, I looked at our charts, sorted out the new ones and decided which ones we will need to get. Glenys made some pennants which she is going to paint with pictures to sell – if she can.

26 February 1995 The Bight, Norman Island
School work in the morning. I spent the rest of the day figuring out all of the major 7, minor 7 and dominant 7th chords for the clarinet. Glenys spent the afternoon painting her flags and then got really cross at me – it must have been building up for days. I’m a lazy sod who never does the washing up or any domestic chores... Guilty, I’m afraid!

27 February 1995 The Bight, Norman Island
School work in the morning. It threw it down until about three o’clock. Glenys and I went for a dive and caught 2 x 2lb lobsters – lobster curry tonight! We chatted to Alan and Caroline on “Satori” (GB) who charter in the BVI and know “Dabulamanzi”. I filled 4 tanks.

28 February 1995 The Bight to Trellis Bay, Virgin Gorda
Motored over to Peter Island, picked up a dive mooring off Great Bay and then did a dive to find the anchor of the Rhone. We then went across to Road Town. I went to get some cash, did a bit of shopping and rang the UK.

The damn tenant in our house still hasn’t paid his rent, but our managing agent reckons he will get the arrears within a few days. I hope so – it’s about £2000! We went to Trellis Bay for the night.