November 2016 - Malaysia

3 November 2016   Admiral Marina, Malaysia
We went into Port Dickson and obtained our domestic clearance to go to Langkawi.  It’s all a bit of an irritation having to go to the Port Captain, Customs and Immigration, but it only took an hour. While we were in town, we went shopping to restock up on fresh food, then caught a cab back to the boat.

After lunch, I arranged to get some diesel delivered.  The marina has a fuel dock, but it hasn’t worked for years, so one of the enterprising locals gets diesel in jerry cans from a local garage and marks the fuel up from 1.90 ringgit/litre to 2.90 ringgit/litre.  I bought 200 litres, which is £40 profit - not a bad little earner.  However, he brings the fuel to the boat in clean containers and helps to pour it into the fuel tank, so it’s not too bad a deal.

Refitting the Propeller

Later in the afternoon, I put on my scuba gear and dived down under the boat to replace the propeller.  It was a little tense and I mentally walked through the process a few times before I started.  Dropping one of the small parts into the thick sludge on the sea bed would have been a disaster.  In the event, it all went well and it only took me half an hour.

Glenys spent the afternoon helping me, interspersed with starting to wash the pile of dirty clothes that we’ve accumulated while on holiday.

4 November 2016   Admiral Marina, Malaysia
The weather was pretty miserable this morning with heavy rain and a ten knot wind from the north-west, which is where we’re heading.  The forecast looks the same for the next few days, so we’re planning to leave on the 6th, when the winds will be very light.  We’ll be motoring, but that’s better than having the wind on the nose.

I didn’t feel like doing any jobs, so I had an admin day, catching up on our finances and doing the dreaded annual Tax Returns.  Glenys nipped to the shops and then pottered about doing some jobs.

5 November 2016   Admiral Marina, Malaysia
With a couple of days before we leave, we had a quiet day.  Glenys did a few jobs and I checked that we’re ready for sea, running the engine and tidying up a little bit.

6 November 2016   Admiral Marina, Malaysia
It was another overcast day, so we lurked down below.  I caught up on editing the hundreds of photos that I took in Thailand and Cambodia and getting our web site up to date before we set off on the next leg of our voyage.

7 November 2016   Admiral Marina to Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia (Day 1)
With only 140 miles for our overnight passage, we had a leisurely start and wombled out of the marina around 09:00.  The wind was coming from the north-west at about 8 knots (12 knots over the deck), directly from where we wanted to go and the sea was choppy with one metre waves making our progress under power slow.  Having been land bound for six weeks, we were feeling a little grumpy for the first few hours until we became acclimatised to the bouncing motion.

The rest of the day was boring - just motoring and motoring with the wind always on the nose.  The evening was more of the same.