Welcome to our Video page.  These are a selection of short videos of various activities that we've done in the past.

Just Fishing 2011 This is a short video of catching fish around Grenada including "The One That Got Away". 57 seconds View
Alba October 2011 This footage was taken on a four day trip between Curacao and Trinidad.  The dolphins are  the stars. 1:43 minutes View
Angel Falls Base Jump Neville does a base jump off Angel Falls in Venezuela in 2001. 2:10 minutes View
Free Diving Glenys free-diving in the Red Sea, Egypt. 0:45 minutes View
Ice Climbing Neville ice climbing in various places including Norway and Italy. 1:43 minutes View
Skydiving A couple of skydives that Neville did in 2000 after returning from a ten year lay off. 1:54 minutes View