Lovely Meal

Here are a few suggestions for sandwich fillings, when you just can't think what to make.

A quick tip, if you're under way - don't put lettuce on anything, it always blows away! 


Fried fish - perhaps you have a few pieces of fried fish left over from last night's meal. Great with a slice of onion, tomato, freshly squeezed lime and a dollop of mayonnaise. Sardines from Portugal are particularly good.

Coronation chicken - some left-over cooked chicken can be mixed with chopped peaches, raisins, almonds, a spoonful of mayonnaise and a pinch of curry powder.

Bagels - a real treat for us is onion bagels toasted and spread with garlic & herb cheese. Or cream cheese with smoked salmon and a squirt of lemon juice.This makes a superb lunch, especially served with sticks of celery and a chilled rose wine.

Goat's cheese - this goes well on freshly baked French baguettes with a little hot pepper jelly.

Cream cheese and cucumber - if you can get wholemeal flatbreads, such as are eaten in the Middle East countries, spread some cream cheese across one half, topped with slices of cucumber and tomato. Spread mayonnaise across the other half, fold over and start eating.

If you have rolls rather than sliced bread, scoop out a little from the bottom half - this allows you to put more filling in without it escaping out of the sides.