Grapefruit Rum Surprise (NEW)

Grapefruit Surprise

I'm not a fan of grapefruit - would never eat it by itself, apart from the wonderfully sweet and juicy Pamplemousse found in the Marquesas archipelago.

However, this way of serving up a drink using grapefruit is fabulous and a bit of fun.

I first tasted it when in Cuba, visiting a farm and watching a demonstration on hand-rolling cigars. I could have bought 10 cigars for 15$, but being a non-smoker opted for this rum drink instead. 

Preparation Time:  1 Minute 
Cooking Time:  None

1 small grapefruit per person Honey
Dark rum  

Cut the top off each grapefruit and cut out a bit of the core - make a hole just big enough to stick a straw in.

Pour in some rum and honey, squeeze the outside of the grapefruit to get its juice mixing with the rum, and take a sip - WOW!